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Western medicine + Eastern, holistic treatments = Integrative Medicine

The combination of conventional Western medicine with traditional Eastern, holistic, alternative therapies is known as Integrative Medicine.

At HealthArt, our aim is to help people achieve their optimal health. We utilize all of the elements of Integrative Medicine in patient assessment and treatment. We incorporate therapies and modalities that have been scientifically studied and have valid successful research outcomes to enhance healing.

PrintOur program is based on education, beginning with anti-inflammatory nutrition, and also includes modalities such as (but not limited to) sleep, exercise, mindfulness, aromatherapy, biomat, guided imagery, meditation, and relaxation to promote a healthier lifestyle.

We ask questions using the motivational interviewing technique to evaluate and assess a patient from a full mind, body, and spirit model:

  • We assess the mind from the mental and emotional perspective.
  • We take a good look at the body, including a nutritional assessment and a review of physical movement, including limitations.
  • We evaluate a patient’s spirit by posing searching questions that evoke thoughtful responses — and then we listen. These answers provide insight about possible health behaviors and the reality of successful lifestyle changes.