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“you are not too old

and it is not too late

to dive into your increasing depths

where life calmly gives out

it’s own secret” — Rainer Maria Rilke



“How do I get off my medications?”

Many patients come to HealthArt looking to make changes that provide significant, prompt, and measurable results in their overall health. A decrease in medications is often at the top of that list.

Our answer is both simple and surprising: change your nutrition, change your life.

grapesAt HealthArt, we start with nutrition — specifically, anti-inflammatory nutrition — because nutrition has ben studied all over the world, and studies prove there’s a direct correlation between excess body fat and chronic disease (Campbell, 2006)

Put another way: if and when excess body fat is eliminated, the incidence of chronic disease lowers.

If and when chronic disease is no longer present, the need for medications can be reduced or eliminated.

Whoa. It’s really that simple?


Many foods, especially trans-fats foods (foods that have a long shelf life) and animal proteins (including dairy products) induce an inflammatory response in the blood system. In emergency situations, such as inflammation, the immune system is activated. The immune system “destroys pathogens, delivers needed oxygen and nutrients to affected areas” (Calimeris, 2015).

If the immune system is chronically activated, the body begins to attack itself.

Diseases related to chronic inflammation include: hypertension, vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel disease, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, rashes, headaches, allergies, lupus, obesity, and cancer.

After studying foods and diets from around the world, Integrative Medicine Practitioner Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, concluded that people who eat a Mediterranean diet exhibit optimal health (low body fat, low incidence of chronic disease.) Based on this initial research and subsequent clinical trial outcomes, the Mediterranean diet was modified, improved, and re-introduced as anti-inflammatory nutrition.

Most people are eating the wrong foods, taking many medications per day, not incorporating enough (if any) physical movement or exercise into daily life, exposing their bodies to environmental toxins (both at work and in the home), and involving themselves in stressful lifestyle situations. Such a regime causes chronic inflammation, and as a result, the immune system not only fails to function properly, but becomes part of the problem.

“Good nutrition plays a crucial role in the prevention, development, and management of chronic inflammatory conditions.” (Calimeris, 2015). Therefore, as soon as anti-inflammatory nutrition is adopted, the inflammation is reduced, and the person will begin to feel better very quickly.

“Okay. So what do I eat?”
anti-inflammatory-food-pyramidIt is imperative that patients who wish to master anti-inflammatory nutrition know exactly which foods to eat and which foods to choose to avoid. This is why HealthArt has designed a four-week course to educate patients and ease them into anti-inflammatory nutrition.  Our program is based on Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory pyramid that details the recommended daily foods, amounts of foods patients should eat daily/weekly, and descriptions of the types of foods (such as legumes, cruciferous vegetables, fruits and grains, Omega 3 fats, cold water fish, and spices.)


Yes, spices. Anti-inflammatory nutrition includes spices such as turmeric, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon.

“Ginger has been used for thousands of years in traditional healing systems”(Greger, 2015). Compared to Imitrex in a clinical trial for migraines, ginger was found to be as efficacious as Imitrex.

A simple, affordable, easy-to-implement introduction to anti-inflammatory nutrition, including where to find healthy foods, what foods to buy, how to prepare foods, and how much to consume will insure a smooth transition into healthy eating.

Anti-inflammatory nutrition takes some initial planning, but is otherwise easy and affordable to follow. More importantly, the results are measurable and quickly felt.

As the body begins to heal, using all modalities of integrative medicine, it is common for patients to see a reduction and/or elimination of medicines. Perhaps more importantly, most patients report an increase in general well-being and quality of life.

• • •

Enroll in one of our workshops to learn more about how to tailor the benefits of anti-inflammatory nutrition into your life.